The quirky coffee trend involving vegetables that's dividing everyone

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

An unlikely food trend has sprung up - and instantly divided opinion. While some thought the quirky combination of vegetables and coffee was 'horrific', others insisted they 'need to give it a try'.

The Scallion Latte craze, believed to have originated in East Asia, involves sprinkling spring onions over coffee. It not only gives added crunch, but the sweet and sharp onions were said to provide a bit of balance to the bitter beans.

US and Australia-based brewers, Golden Brown Coffee, recently gave it a try on TikTok. The MEN reports a barista said: "This is a viral drink that came straight out of China. So, of course, yours truly has to taste it."

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Explaining the process, they continued: "Start by chipping just the green parts of fresh spring onion. Then just make an iced latte how you would with ice, milk and of course, some espresso. Then we have to heavily garnish our drink with spring onion."

Giving it a sip, he retched and said: "You can't even fake any redeeming qualities. That is horrific. Coffee down!"

Not everyone thought it sounded so bad. One comment read: "The creamy texture of the milk, the boldness of the espresso, and the sharpness of the spring onion would create a complex mix of flavours."

Another wrote: "Oh I need to try this!" Some foodies recommended ways to take Scallion Lattes to an even more bonkers level: "Try adding garlic minced, chopped lemongrass, coriander roots, and chopped celery."

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