Quiz! Can you remember these pop songs used in famous adverts?

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Quiz! Can you remember these pop songs used in famous adverts?

Creating an advert that will be remembered long after the campaign is over is no mean feat, but getting the formula just right certainly pays off. 

All sorts of ingredients can go into making a memorable ad; there's marketable mascots, unforgettable slogans, and annoyingly catchy jingles - as anyone who's ever seen a Go Compare ad can attest to. 

Often they can also take already existing music and popular songs to new heights and become inextricably linked forever more. 

Music plays an essential part in the commercial experience, from musicians using their own songs to plug products to John Lewis' annual subdued cover of a classic for their Christmas ads. 

But how well can you remember some of the most famous ads and the songs they used? Find out with our quiz below...

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