Quiz! How well do you know your puddings and cakes?

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Quiz! How well do you know your puddings and cakes?

For most of us, cake and pudding occupies a special place in our heart.

There are hours of TV shows dedicated to sweet stuff, with The Great British Bake Off just one example of our love of desserts, cakes and bakes.

But beyond a Victoria Sponge or a chocolate brownie, how much do you really know about cakes?

Can you tell a Parkin from a profiterole, and do you know what pastry works with what tart or pie?

Test your knowledge of all things pudding and cake-related with our 15-question multiple-choice quiz.

See whether you can identify some of the word's best known cakes - and some of the less common ones - as well as naming some of the major ingredients in our favourite puddings and pies.

Try it now and see how you do.

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