Quiz! Can you match the soap star to their pop career?

Quiz! Can you match the soap star to their pop career?

Pop queen Kylie Minogue has been back in the headlines after rumours emerged that she was engaged to boyfriend Paul Solomons.

The star quashed the rumours — which started after her boyfriend's stepmother reportedly said the couple were engaged — tweeting on Saturday: "We ALL love LOVE but rumours are getting out of hand!”

It’s no wonder people are wishing Kylie, one of the world’s best-loved stars, happiness.

But it all started for her on Australian soap Neighbours – and she’s not the only one.

You might be surprised at how many soap stars went on to have pop careers, though not many as successful as Kylie.

Can you name who’s who and what their hits were?

Take our 10-question multiple-choice quiz to test your knowledge of soap stars and their pop careers.

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