Quiz! How well do you know your celebrity siblings?

Rob Waugh
·1-min read
Quiz! How well do you know your celebrity siblings?

From the Kardashians to Kate and Pippa Middleton, celebrity siblings are a force to be reckoned with.

But how well do you really know the families who have dominated the entertainment world (or helped each other find lucrative showbiz jobs)?

Our 15-question multiple-choice quiz will test your knowledge of the world’s most famous brothers and sisters.

We’ve thrown the odd "true or false" in there to liven things up, and every question centres around internationally famous people who are alive today.

We start off easy, with some very basic questions about celebrities that anyone who’s picked up a newspaper could answer.

But be warned, there are some MUCH trickier questions later on, featuring some celebrity siblings who don’t have the same names, or who changed them when they found fame.

Test your celebrity-sibling knowledge below!

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