Quiz! How many Christmas No.1 singles can you remember?

Ellen Manning
·1-min read
Quiz! How many Christmas No.1 singles can you remember?

It’s coming up to that time again, when Christmas songs are inescapable and the race for the coveted Christmas Number 1 is underway.

From famous bands to spoof songs, the number one spot has been snatched at the last minute in some years, with nobody safe to assume that they’re guaranteed the accolade.

You might think that previous number ones are unforgettable, but have they stuck in your mind quite as much as you think they have?

We’ve put together a quiz to test your knowledge of Christmas number ones to see how much you remember the top songs of recent years.

Try our 15 multiple-choice questions to see how many you can remember, or whether they faded away as quickly as they arrived...

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