Quiz: How well do you know your Guinness World Records?

Rob Waugh
·1-min read

The Guinness Book of Records became an instant bestseller around the world when it launched in 1955 – and, over the decades, it’s inspired some truly bizarre record attempts.

To this day, people compete in how many Rubik’s cubes they can complete underwater using only one breath – and Guinness World Records ensures we are kept up-to-date on which is the tallest dog, smallest cat and hottest chili pepper (this last is the California Reaper, if you fancy trying one).

But how well do you know the Guinness World Records?

Our quiz starts off fairly easy, with some questions on quite well-known records, but then veers off into more obscure territory with each passing question.

Can you master our 15-question multiple-choice quiz and become a record-breaker?

Try your luck below.

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