Quiz! Are you an expert on the books of Roald Dahl?

Quiz! Are you an expert on the books of Roald Dahl?

Roald Dahl is one of the UK’s best known children’s authors, with stories such as Matilda and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory sticking firmly in the memories of children and adults alike.

However, his legacy has been overshadowed by anti-Semitic comments he made, recently prompting his family to make an apology over the statements.

Now Dahl will be the subject of a Christmas drama about the real-life meeting between a six-year-old Dahl and his idol Beatrix Potter, starring Dawn French.

As everyone’s memories return to their much-loved children’s books, we’re wondering how many Roald Dahl books you remember or whether they’ve just disappeared from your memory banks.

We’ve put together a quiz to test your Roald Dahl knowledge, from characters and plotlines to facts about the author himself.

Try out the 15-question multiple-choice challenge and see whether those books you thought you’d never forget are still there or whether you’ve forgotten them already.

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