Quiz! Can you perfectly answer these job interview questions?

Rob Waugh
·1-min read
Quiz! Can you perfectly answer these job interview questions?

What’s the secret of success in job interviews? There’s no simple ‘right’ answer, obviously - but there’s a lot of classic pitfalls to avoid.

So how DO you answer the classic questions everyone dreads, like, ‘What is your greatest weakness?’

And how do you tackle more modern hurdles, like the Google interview question: ‘How many calories are in a grocery store?’

Our 15-question multiple choice quiz walks you through some of the most common interview questions that trip up candidates - and suggests the best sort of answer.

We’ve based it on expert opinion from Jobs.ie, Jeff Haden at Inc.com and Glassdoor with short, to-the-point advice on the type of answer you should give to every question.

Every interview will be different of course, and there’s no 100% right answer to any question, but the ‘right’ answers here should steer you in the right direction.

Test out how good you’d be in a job interview below!

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