Can you name the 20 most popular dog breeds in the UK?

Ellen Manning
·1-min read

With news that Crufts 2021 has been delayed until the summer due to COVID-19, we’re thinking all things dogs in this quiz.

Nearly a quarter of households in the UK own dogs, with four-legged friends the most common of our pets, so plenty of us are fans.

An analysis by pet sitting website Rover of its database of more than 20,000 pet owners revealed its most popular dog breeds of 2020, so we thought we’d see how many you know.

You might be surprised to hear that the most popular breed is actually ‘mixed breed’ dogs, so we’ve given you that answer for free, but check out our timed quiz to see if you can guess the other 19 in just two minutes.

No doubt some of your favourites will be in there, but some you might have to think a bit harder about.

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