Quiz! Can you name these 10 period dramas from two characters only?

Quiz! Can you name these 10 period dramas from two characters only?

Period dramas are always popular, but Netflix drama Bridgerton has proved a huge hit - being watching by more than 63 million accounts in its first 28 days on release.

Netflix said the show had hit number one in 76 countries, including the UK, the US, France, Brazil and South Africa, and other than in Japan, had reached the top 10 in every country the streamer operates in.

The figures make the show Netflix’ fifth highest-rated original show ever, the company said on January 5.

Bridgerton’s success is perhaps not that surprising, given the popularity of period dramas when it comes to entertainment.

Over years, the genre has captured our imagination with various films and shows attracting cult followings.

In our latest quiz, we’re testing your knowledge of some of the biggest period dramas and seeing if you can identify them from their main characters.

Take our ten-question multiple-choice quiz to see if you can guess the show from some of the big names featured in its storylines.

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