Quora: Canada Must Preserve Strong Ties With the U.S., PM Trudeau Says

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Answer from Justin Trudeau, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada:

As a Canadian prime minister, one of my most important jobs is managing the relationship with our southern neighbor. Our economy is massively intertwined and dependent upon theirs, so regardless of the political stripe of whomever sits in the Oval Office, any PM needs to have a constructive working relationship with the president.

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Obviously there’ll always be areas of greater or lesser disagreement, as between any two countries or leaders, but there is no relationship in the world like the one between us. We enjoy the longest, most peaceful, and mutually beneficial relationship on the planet. Our partnership is based on common history, culture, shared envirJustonment and values.


President Donald Trump shakes hands with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House, February 13. Reuters

Donald Trump was elected on a promise to help the millions of middle-class families who feel left out of the success and progress of the past decades, and, interestingly enough, that is exactly the promise I got elected on, too. We may have different perspectives on solutions and even different ideologies, but I know that we can work together to ensure that we’re creating good jobs and opportunities for our citizens by working together on common issues.

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Millions of good jobs in Canada and in the U.S. depend on the smooth, secure flow of goods, services and people back and forth across our shared border. Indeed, Canada is the top trading partner for most U.S. states, and more than $2.5 billion in two-way trade flows across our shared border every day.

Overall, in regards to how I manage this relationship, I know that Canadians expect two things of me as PM. First, that I stand up for the values and principles that Canadians hold dear: things like equality, rights, openness and compassion. And second, that I ensure good jobs and economic opportunities for Canadians, and that means building on the strong relationship while creating new successes with the U.S. I will stay focused on doing both those things.

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