Raccoons Cause Holiday Mischief Outside Virginia Home

A raccoon duo engaged in some holiday mischief when they investigated a Christmas display outside a home in Ashburn, Virginia.

This video was taken by Donna Eberle, who shared it to Facebook on December 20. It shows the raccoon pair knocking over a small Christmas tree.

Eberle had installed lights and cameras to document local wildlife, according to ABC 7, luring in animals with dry cat food.

“Throughout the year regular visitors include several foxes, opossums, raccoons, skunks and deer, all stopping by almost nightly,” Eberle told Storyful. “My hope is that these posts will not only bring a little positivity to people’s days but that they may also serve a greater purpose of inspiring an appreciation for our local wildlife.” Credit: Donna Eberle via Storyful

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