Rachel Zoe ‘shattered and numb’ after son falls 40ft from ski lift

Tom Horton, PA
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Rachel Zoe says she feels “shattered and numb” after her son fell 40 feet from a ski lift.

The US fashion designer labelled her son Skyler a “brave champion” and said he is in “great spirits” as he recovers.

She also praised the “ski patrol heroes” who managed to break his fall by putting a mat down where they expected he would land.

Writing on Instagram, Zoe added that they “ultimately saved his life” following the accident in the US.

“Sky is in great spirits but sore and banged up a bit but otherwise a brave champion,” she said.

She added that she and her husband, Rodger Berman, are “scarred for life”.

Zoe shared images of her son, who is reportedly nine years old, recovering in hospital.

“The outcome is Sky is doing great and the bravest boy I’ve ever known but Rodger Berman and I are shattered and numb but woke up today with gratitude for a miracle that Sky is safe and OK,” she said.

Zoe said she decided to talk about the incident “to remind everyone how fragile life is”.

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In one video which was uploaded to Instagram, Skyler is able to walk around as he addresses viewers on social media.

He said: “Hi everyone, I’m OK, just sore and to show you that I’m OK I’m going to stand up and see look, I can stand up and I can walk and I’m totally fine, it is just I’m a little sore.

“I’m kind of hurting but I’m fine.”

Zoe added that her and Berman “have never been more grateful” to see their child complete “the most simple tasks of talking talking and laughing”.

She said Skyler was “more brave” that his parents.