Radford family pay tribute to brave Scots teen who died after seven-year cancer battle

Sophie Walker
-Credit: (Image: Edinburgh Live)

The Radford family have paid tribute to a Scots girl who died with cancer at just 17. Sophie Walker, from Edinburgh, was diagnosed with Wilms tumour in 2017 after going to the doctors with a suspected stomach bug.

Her parents Jamie and Rebecca, who have ten children, have been fundraising for years in the hope a life-saving treatment would become available to cure their daughter. Tragically, after a seven-year battle, her devastated family has confirmed Sophie passed away over the weekend.

After seeing the news on social media, the Mirror reports the heartbroken Radfords - who themselves have 22 children - said Sophie was "the most beautiful, kind hearted, funny and bravest girl".

In March, her father Jamie told Edinburgh Live: "Sophie has a tumour which has grown into her spinal column and it has progressed so it is desperate times really. She doesn't have any symptoms but they found it during a routine cancer scan.

"We decided to see Professor Vogl in Germany as he does scans then goes into the groin and puts the chemotherapy directly into the tumour. She has had one of those procedures carried out but it is a horrible situation as she is so well at the moment and there's nothing else the NHS can do.

"To look at her she looks great but when her oncologist saw the tumour on her spine they said there is nothing more that can be done but in our mind we're not giving up on her."

The Radford family live in Morecombe, Lancashire
The Radford family live in Morecombe, Lancashire -Credit:Collect

We previously told how Sophie had been ruled out of all clinical trials and she had no other options left available on the NHS. In a desperate bid to find a cure for their daughter's cancer, Jamie and Rebecca explored medical options across the globe and set up a GoFundMe page which raised over £90,000 to help fund any alternative treatment.

Sophie's family have been documenting her progress via a family-run Facebook page, posting regular updates on Sophie's condition with over 16,000 people following her journey. Earlier this year Sophie deteriorated to a point where she could no longer walk or use the toilet, and over the weekend Sophie "fell fast asleep" with her twin sister and family by her side.

However Sophie's family updated the 'Walker family 11' Facebook page yesterday, writing: "Our beautiful, intelligent, funny, thoughtful and brave girl Sophie fell fast asleep last night just after 6.30pm with Megan lying by her side and surrounded by all her family.

"We love Sophie with all our hearts and our world will never be the same again, to say we are heartbroken is a complete understatement. Please keep our broken family in your thoughts and prayers, this is a post I never ever thought I'd have to write."

Sharing the heartbreaking post, the Radford family wrote: "I can't even find the right words. Beautiful Sophie our hearts are broken, you really were the most beautiful kind hearted funny and bravest girl we will miss your beautiful smile and laugh so much. You rest now Sophie and take care of your beautiful amazing family. Love you forever beautiful Sophie."

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