RAF Typhoon pilot promises RIAT crowd a 'fast, aggressive and varied' display with the 'wow factor'

Flight Lieutenant David ‘Turbo’ Turnbull
-Credit: (Image: RIAT)

RAF pilot Flight Lieutenant David 'Turbo' Turnbull is gearing up for a thrilling performance at this year's Royal International Air Tattoo. The event has seen a surge in interest, with tickets for Saturday already sold out earlier this month and only Friday, July 19 and Sunday, July 21 remaining available, as nearly 200 aircraft are set to participate.

For his first season as the RAF Typhoon display pilot, 32 year old Turnbull will showcase his iconic jet before an audience of 150,000 at RAF Fairford's prestigious aviation event. "RIAT is the big one. So many pilots travel from all over the world to take part in RIAT and for me it's the home match," said.

"I feel incredibly proud to represent the RAF and UK military at this amazing airshow." This year's show commemorates several milestones: 100 years of the Royal Canadian Air Force, 75 years of NATO, 50 years of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and focuses on the theme 'Pushing the Boundaries in Air and Space'.

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The RAF display Typhoon, sporting a new livery inspired by a World War II Hawker Typhoon, was recently revealed in anticipation of the airshow season. With the ability to hit speeds of 1,550mph, the fast jet promises to deliver an exhilarating experience, and Turnbull is eager to demonstrate what the aircraft can do above the Cotswolds.

"The display is going to be fast, aggressive and varied. It is definitely going to wow the crowds as it still wows me," he added. "The Typhoon is a beast. I have realised that to a much greater extent during the last couple of months working up to perform the typhoon display. It can go from -3G to +9G and it makes it feel so simple."

"I still remember my first take off in Typhoon, dry power only (without afterburners), and I had never felt acceleration like it. It was on a different level. Performing this outstanding aircraft to its limits is very rewarding. It is hard work, but incredibly easy to get motivated for, as you can imagine.

"The step down of heights has made the display physically more challenging at every level, it is a real work out."

Every week, the event announces more participating aircraft and tickets are selling fast, but to secure your spot visit airtattoo.com.