Raging Rangers fan halted by Kenny Miller as Celtic find surprise ally over no goal after ref conspiracy erupts

Bullish Kenny Miller has shut down cries of conspiracy from a raging Rangers fan after temperatures reached boiling point on air over Abdallah Sima's no goal against Celtic.

Philippe Clement was left frustrated with referee Nick Walsh during the during the Scottish Cup Final after his side went down 1-0 to Adam Idah's late strike that means they end the season with just the League Cup to show for it. The man in the middle was sent to the monitor by John Beaton in the VAR room after Rangers thought they had the second half lead through forward Sima.

Following a VAR check it was ruled out for a push in the back of Joe Hart by Nicolas Raskin - and with Callum McGregor lifting the trophy at Hampden the talking points rumbled on during Clyde 1 Superscoreboard. Raging fan Paul blamed Celtic star Greg Taylor for the foul on Hart that cost Sima his strike at the national stadium - before claiming that whistler Walsh made the game like playing "12 men."

He ranted: “I said to my pal that something is going to happen at this corner, with the amount of Celtic players that were pulling Rangers players. Nick Walsh stopped the game and separated then.

"Greg Taylor pushed Nicolas Raskin and causes him to push Joe Hart, and then the two Rangers players in front of Hart are bear hugged and cuddled. How is VAR not looking right back instead if just at what they want to? Nick Walsh has had an absolute shocker. You can’t beat 12 men. It’s happened every game this year with the Old Firm, what can we do?”

But Rangers hero Miller was having none of it - as he insisted the team had reached the corrected decision. He said: “Ultimately, I think it was the right call. The reason is, you just can’t do that with VAR now.

"The goalie is up and you can see Nico Raskin is trying to get into a position where he can affect Joe Hart, where he is just putting his body in. There is one thing that is for sure you can’t put two hands on the goalkeeper when he is going up.

"I mean, goalkeepers are a protected species. If anyone is going anywhere near them you need to make sure there is not going to be arms up in there face or body contact. You actually can’t even go up - so when you put two hands, and you can see it does propel him forward, it was just never going to be given because it completely affected that ball going in the back of the net, there is no doubt about it.”