'Invisible driver' goes viral: Prankster's hilarious video films stunned drive-thru staff

Chris Parsons

A prankster's video of him baffling drive-thru staff by hiding in a 'car seat costume' has become a viral hit on YouTube.

The stunt by 'magician prankster' Rahat Hossain saw him hide in a car seat costume and capture the bemused expressions of takeaway staff as his 'driverless' car moves past the collection point.

The hilarious video and its reactions of stunned drive-thru workers has already been viewed a staggering 3 million times in just 24 hours on YouTube.

At the start of the 3 mins 40 sec video, Rahat, 24, explains how he will trick fast food staff by building a car seat and hiding inside it, before driving past the drive-thru window.

There follows a collection of stunned reactions from drive-thru employees, as they all fail to realise he is hidden inside the car seat.

One bemused worker shouts, 'What the heck is going on?', while another shocked member of staff asks the car if there is a ghost inside.

At the end of the stunt Rahat calls out for the employee to simply 'throw the food into the car because I'm a ghost', which she does.

Rahat, who has his own YouTube channel cataloguing his previous optical illusion stunts, has so far collected almost 3.2million hits for his latest video, 'Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank'.

Prankster Rahat, from Virginia, who has been making YouTube stunts for two years, said: "I saw a picture of someone disguised as a car seat and thought I would extend the idea.

"I had to be careful and start small, because when you have the car seat on your visibility is reduced. That's why I did it at a drive-thru, so I all I had to do was drive very slowly in a straight line for a few seconds.

"There were so many good reactions. The person who kept opening and closing the window in disbelief was particularly good.

"I couldn't see any of it at the time, but when I watched the footage back that was one of the best moments.

"It's the best video I've done so far - I was a bit nervous before I uploaded it, but within a few hours it completely blew up and has done really well."