Raheem Sterling: Racist abuse not taken as seriously as other topics

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**Must credit: FT’s Business of Sport US Summit** Raheem Sterling feels racist abuse continues to not be taken as seriously as other social topics. Speaking at the FT Business of Sport summit, Sterling said: “I have kind of took a step back from constantly talking in the media I would say, and trying to take more action within my limits, what I can do and how I can help, and I think that’s the most important thing. “It is we can ask for help once or twice – I should not even say help, because it should be a case where you see a situation happening and that should be allowed to happen. “I have always mentioned if there was ever comments in regards to something else, I think things would be taken a lot more seriously. “I feel when it is mentioned (as) racist abuse, I don’t feel like it’s taken as seriously as if you would mention certain other topics.”

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