Raiders Should Hire John Madden as New Head Coach: Fan's Opinion

I think John Madden is one of the greatest coaches of all time and the Oakland Raiders should re-hire him as the new head coach. I'm disappointed they didn't hire him as the new general manager, but it seems he is closely tied in with Raiders owner Mark Davis and is a part of the decision-making process.

Here's why I think John Madden should be brought back as the new Raiders head coach:


I think the team has great elements but seems to lack leadership, discipline and direction. The Raiders' huge penalty loss this season (an NFL record) is a clear example of this lack of discipline and leadership, I'm amazed the problem was allowed to get so out of hand. I'm confident John Madden is a proven leader who can inspire the players to come together to win games consistently.

Proven record of winning

Madden's .759 regular season winning percentage is the highest ever with coaches with at least 100 career wins. Madden had a record of 103 wins, 32 losses and 7 ties. In 1969, his first year as the Raiders' head coach, the team went 12-1-1 and won the AFL Western Division title. In his ten years as coach, Madden never had a losing season and went 13-1 in 1976, one of the Silver and Black's greatest seasons ever.

Can win championships

Under Coach Madden, the Raiders won seven Western Division titles, including an incredible five-year-in-a-row run from 1972-1976. He led the team to a Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl XI in 1977.

Carry on the spirit of Al Davis

John Madden was hired by legendary Raiders owner Al Davis in 1967 as the team's linebacker coach and then had a ten year tenure as the head coach starting in 1969. He is the longest-serving head coach in Raider history.

In an interview the the New York Times after the death of Davis, Madden said "He was my best friend...I lost the one-call guy, the mentor, the father, the best friend." As to Al Davis' unique qualities, Madden said: " You look at the things he's done that no one ever did before, being a scout, assistant coach, coach, head coach, general manager, commissioner and owner." I think quotes like that show the level of respect and responsibility he has for the team and for what it stands for. I think we need someone who can carry on that legacy.


If not head coach, it would be good to see Madden hired as a team executive or in some other official capacity so he can impart his knowledge and experience on the team. I like new GM Reggie McKenzie and think he can also bring a new energy to the team, but I think it could be an even more effective movement with the addition of Madden.

Although born and raised with Eagles fans in Philadelphia, Freddy Sherman has always been a citizen of Raider Nation at heart. Since his dad got him a signed George Blanda football as child, to meeting Lyle Alzado in the 1980s, he hasn't looked back. Follow him on twitter @thefredsherman

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