How To Raise An Olympian: Shek Wai Hung

Training up an athlete is no easy task, let alone an Olympian. Behind the glorious scenes of Stone Shek Wai-hung’s consecutive Asian Games golds, were blood, sweat, tears, countless hours of practices, and of course, the all-supportive “Tiger Mum”, Mrs. Shek.
Like many other athletes, the Hong Kong-born gymnast's road to excellence was bumpy as ever and perhaps it took an athlete to understand another.

Mrs. Shek recalls the bumpy journey of nurturing an Olympian - from being ruthless, to enduring heartbreaking moments, and walking through ups and downs alongside her beloved son.
This interview is part of an exclusive Yahoo series called 'How To Raise An Olympian', in which we speak to Olympic stars around the world and their parents to get a unique insight into what it takes to help your child reach the summit of their sport.

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