Rajdeep Sardesai deletes tweets after misquoting Amit Shah

Veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai is in the eye of the storm yet again after he was trolled for deleting his tweets, twice over. Sardesai had apparently misquoted the Home Minister Amit Shah in these tweets.

Rajdeep Sardesai

In the first tweet, he had alleged that Mr Shah, during a rally in election-bound Delhi, only spoke about Article 370, Citizenship Amendment Act and Pakistan, but not on schools or hospitals.

But when someone pointed out his error and sent him a video of Shah's speech, which showed Home Minister talking about electricity, hospitals and schools, Sardesai deleted his tweet.


He then tweaked his tweet a bit and posted another one, claiming that Shah devoted more time to CAA and Article 370 but very little to issues such as water, electricity, schools and hospitals.

Sardesai 2

Someone pointed out again that Shah had devoted a lion's share of time and space to basic issues and, only in the later part of his speech, referred to CAA and Article 370. This led to Sardesai, who anchors a prime-time show on IndiaToday television, deleting his tweet once again.