Ramona Singer gets confronted by Eboni K. Williams for racially insensitive comment

On Tuesday’s “The Real Housewives of New York,” new cast member Eboni K. Williams confronted Ramona Singer after she referred to the hospitality director as the “help.” Williams, the series’ first black cast member, was praised by viewers during her recent debut for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask and Central Park Five shirt.

“The "Help" comment was a little triggering for me,” Williams told Singer. “My grandma worked her whole life as a domestic. So you know why "the help" is not, like, the best way to refer to somebody.”

Since her grandmother Katie was a domestic to white families and was viewed as ‘the help,’ she wanted to better understand Romona’s intentions and use it as a teachable moment.

"I hire people to help me, so to me she helps me," Singer explained.

“That's like a literal interpretation, so I see where that could possibly make sense,” Williams admitted. “So you're using it literal. I get it. I think historically in our country, right? ‘The help’ can make people feel maybe devalued.”

Viewers appreciated Eboni’s patience in the matter, and Ramona appreciated the mature way she communicated her feelings.

“I love the fact that Eboni, in a non-condescending way, is explaining to me the reason why that word isn't cool,” Singer said afterwards. “I get it. I'm not stupid, but sometimes I have a slip of the tongue.”