Rangers Need to Be Cautious During Darvish Negotiations: Fan's View

It seems that everyone, including myself, has felt that it was a forgone conclusion that the Texas Rangers and Yu Darvish would work out a contract before the deadline next Wednesday. When a player like Darvish asks to be posted, he intends on signing and when a team posts a bid like the Rangers did, they intend on getting the job done. However, the Rangers need to continue to exercise caution during this final week of negotiations as reports suggest they are currently not close to a deal.

It can be very hard for people to say no once they have their eyes and heart set on something. However, that is often necessary to run a successful business. The Rangers have done an excellent job of drawing lines in the sand when it comes to contract negotiations over recent years and making sure they do not cross them. The way the Rangers handled negotiations with C.J. Wilson this offseason was a perfect example of that as they had a comfort level and they were not willing to deviate from that. It would seem that part of that was due to their desire to land Darvish, but they still did not let emotions become involved.

There is no reason to think that the Rangers will handle negotiations with Darvish differently, but this is a different scenario. They are the only team that can get this done and they have a deadline to deal with. As the clock gets closer, there will be more and more pressure on each side to get a deal done.

The Rangers are a unique team in the current landscape of MLB. They are completely ready to win now, but they have a young nucleus that should be able to do that for many years. All of that is without mentioning that they have a loaded farm system that can continue to feed their nucleus. If the Rangers were looking at winning this year or in 2013, it could be very easy to overpay for Darvish. However, they also have to look at the long term outcome and how this contract could impact other decisions they will be faced with. Obviously they did that before they ever posted a bid, but it will be important for them to revisit over the next week.

These types of deals always get done and it is almost always right at the wire. However, if there is a matchup where it might not happen, it is with Darvish and the Rangers. Darvish appears to have the confidence to return to Japan until he gets the money he feels he deserves and the Rangers are hard to sway from their business model. I still believe Darvish will end up in a Rangers' uniform, but just as expected, this thing should go to the wire.

John Bowman is a lifelong baseball and Texas Rangers fan that loves to ponder the deeper aspects of the game. Some of his first baseball memories involve Arlington Stadium nachos, Charlie Hough's knuckeball, dirt on Pete Incaviglia's uniform and the voices of Mark Holtz and Eric Nadel as he fell asleep. Follow him on Twitter @TexasWinColumn.