Ranking The Best Shows On Amazon You Can Stream Right Now

For the weekend of March 3, Streamline is recommending “Mozart in the Jungle” in the Amazon top spot for the third time.

As mentioned before, the subject matter of the show is still probably too niche for most viewers, but critics seem to really adore this most recent season. Plus Amazon hasn’t added anything too great lately, so this easily remains the top recommendation.

What’s New This Week

Nothing notable. “The Tick” debuted new episodes last week though. That quirky take on the superhero genre seems to be both a critic and fan favorite. You should already know whether you’re in or out on superhero projects in general, so use that to decide whether to watch this show. 

"Mozart in the Jungle" on Amazon.

Assorted Streaming News The Jeffrey Tambor and “Transparent” saga continues. Recently, Amazon officially fired Tambor from the acclaimed show after multiple trans actresses accused him of sexual harassment. Tambor expressed displeasure with the decision, calling the company’s investigation “deeply flawed.” This week, one of the accusers (and Tambor’s former assistant) criticized the actor’s comments, saying, “he has done this to himself.” As the company tries to move past this saga, Amazon gave “Transparent” creator Jill Soloway her own book imprint. Soloway is calling the imprint Topple Books, a nod to Soloway’s production company and her mission statement to “topple the patriarchy.” Amazon apparently asked Shadi Petosky, showrunner on the kids program “Danger & Eggs,” to tone down her politics on Twitter and even delete tweets — a revelation Petosky shared while speaking out against the NRA. (The company continues to offer the gun lobby’s video channel, NRA TV, among its streaming options despite widespread outcry following a school shooting that left 17 dead.) “Hi @amazon,” Petosky tweeted. “I am a creator and showrunner for one of your Originals shows. Remember when I started working with you I was asked to curb my politics online and I deleted a bunch of my tweets? That sucked. Your turn. Drop the politics that are killing kids.” A recent report claims Amazon made $5.6 billion in profit last year but paid effectively zero U.S. federal taxes. Meanwhile, founder Jeff Bezos remains the richest person in the world.  Back to streaming, though ... Horror show “Lore” got renewed for a second season, but with a new showrunner. Hopefully that means it will be a better show this time around.  And Amazon is now selling UFC pay-per-view fights. There probably won’t be too much overlap for those watching that and “Mozart in the Jungle.”   Streamline Newsletter Streamline now has a weekly newsletter. If you want streaming news and recommendations like this in your inbox on Saturdays, you can subscribe here.

Note: This list only includes shows that debuted their most recent episode less than a year ago. Much like the main list, it prioritizes newness.

Season 4 Release: Feb. 16, 2018

Season 1 Part 2 Release: Feb. 23, 2018

Season 1 Release: Feb. 2, 2018

Season 1 Release: Nov. 29, 2017

Season 1 Release: Jan. 12, 2018

Season 2 Release: Sept. 8, 2017

Season 4 Release: Sept. 22, 2017

Season 1 Finale: TBA

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