'Good Morning Britain' presenter Ranvir Singh shares son's reaction to her speaking out against racism

<p>Ranvir Singh called out Richard Madeley's 'privilege' after the GMB host asked her to 'dry your eyes'. Hisd co-host had been brought to tears by the anti-racism letter written by Marcus Rashford had been read out by Susanna Reid.</p>
<p>Credit: @GMB / Good Morning Britain / ITV</p>
Ranvir Singh revealed her son told her was proud of her for speaking out about racism on TV. (ITV)

Ranvir Singh has revealed her son told her he was proud of her speaking out about racism and privilege live on Good Morning Britain.

The 43-year-old newsreader — a single mother to Tushaan, nine — wept for her son's future on the breakfast show on Tuesday as she discussed the racist abuse targeted at members of the England football team.

Singh said on Wednesday: "I spoke to my son yesterday because it was on the telly and I didn't know I was going to say it so I felt the responsibility to talk to him about it when I got home.

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"And as soon as I said I talked about this on the telly he said, 'I'm really proud of you mummy.' Straight away. I said, 'That's really nice'.

"And he said to me, 'Just like you don't want your child — being him — to have racism, I don't want my children to have racism, but I imagine it will still happen.

"That's my nine-year-old saying I imagine it will still happen. And that's why it's all our responsibility."

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant also praised her son's school for calling her after she had said on the show that her son has experienced racism.

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Singh said: "I got a call from the school, asking if everything was okay. I think that’s what all schools should be doing with all children of different backgrounds at the moment, actually.

“It’s a showing of care and understanding that there may be conversations in the home that children feel uncomfortable having in the classroom, and that shouldn’t be the case. So I thanked them for that.”

The GMB presenter went on to say she had been encouraged to speak out after seeing the England players taking the knee before each match in the Euros in a peaceful stand against racism, which provoked booing from some fans.

Ranvir Singh with son Tushaan who is now eight-years-old. (PA)
Ranvir Singh with son Tushaan who is now nine-years-old. (PA)

Singh said of taking the knee: "Courage is contagious. I am 43 years old and I am inspired by young Black sportsmen half my age to speak in a way I haven't spoken before. That is incredible.

"Age is not a factor, your job is not a factor, whether you earn millions of pounds a week is not factor. The factor is that you can be inspired by other people to be courageous in your own life and speak up in your own workplace.

"What I find astonishing is that the taking of the knee is the most peaceful of protests. It is Gandhi-esque it is peaceful, it is quiet, it is a simple note. For it to cause such a provocation in people who don't like it tells you exactly why it should be done - it is riling exactly the right people in my view."

On Tuesday Singh became tearful after Susanna Reid read a letter of support England footballer Marcus Rashford had shared from a nine-year-old fan called Dexter.

Ranvir Singh competed in <em>Strictly</em> in 2020. (BBC)
Ranvir Singh competed in Strictly in 2020. (BBC)

Richard Madeley told her: "Now look here, Ranvir, you've got to read the news, so dry your eyes."

But she continued: "The thing is, it goes to the heart of what we want for our children. My son goes to school – he's talked about racism he's faced. He's going to be nine. We think about it all the time.

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"You're privileged if you don't have to think about it and the only time you think about it is when one of your heroes is suffering.

"Privilege is having the choice. And now I think we have to remove the privilege – we all have to think about it regardless of what skin we walk in."

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