Rapist who filmed himself attacking his victim is jailed for 11 years

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Bartosz Sokolowski recorded himself as he raped a woman in her home (SWNS)
Bartosz Sokolowski filmed himself as he raped a woman in her home. (SWNS)

A rapist who filmed himself attacking a woman after she rejected his advances has been jailed for 11 years.

Bartosz Sokolowski, 37, slapped and strangled the woman and bombarded her with text messages boasting about recording the rape on his phone.

The father-of-two denied rape but a jury took just 90 minutes to return a unanimous guilty verdict following a trial at Warwick Crown Court.

Sokolowski, of Birmingham, was jailed for 11 years on Thursday.

His victim reported him to police after the attack and also claimed he had sexually assaulted her with a perfume bottle. 

The Polish national was cleared of sexual assault using the perfume bottle.

Judge Andrew Lockhart told him: “You were behaving in an appalling way towards her. You grabbed her hair and forced her to suck your penis.

37-year-old Bartosz Sololowski has been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for rape following a ten-day trial (SWNS)
Bartosz Sololowski, 37, has been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for rape following a 10-day trial. (SWNS)

“On that night you behaved in a very dangerous manner.

“There was degradation and humiliation. I find you recorded the events, just as you said you did in the texts.

“In those texts we see what you now can’t admit, because you don’t have the guts to admit it, that you were sorry because you had raped her.”

The court heard Sokolowski had drunk alcohol and taken drugs when he attacked the woman in her home in Rugby, Warwickshire, in 2019.

Prosecutor Talbir Singh said he strangled the victim and slapped her when she refused to perform oral sex on him.

He said: “He said he wanted a b*** job. She refused, and he slapped her. He demanded it again, and again she refused and he slapped her.

“This happened in the living room, and he pulled her back onto the sofa and forced her to kneel and took off his trousers and underwear.”

Sokolowski tried to force himself into her mouth, but she still refused to comply until “she did as she was asked until he fell asleep”.

The woman fled and told a friend what had happened and when they returned to her home they called the police.

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Sokolowski was arrested at the scene but denied raping his victim, and claimed bruises on her face were the result of dental treatment.

Ian Windridge, defending, said Sokolowski had no previous convictions and was “a man who is capable of hard work”, with two children in Poland.

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