Rapist who took a thumbs-up selfie of naked victim a ‘monster’, say police

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Rapist Thomas Mangar (Metropolitan Police)
Rapist Thomas Mangar (Metropolitan Police)

A rapist who took a thumbs-up selfie standing over his naked victim was branded a “monster” by police as he started a 12-year jail term today.

Thomas Mangar, 36, snapped his picture as the woman, in her twenties, lay exposed in Hitherbroom Park, Hayes.

A court heard she met up with two friends for drinks on the evening of May 11 last year.

She intended to walk home, but woke up in a daze on the grass at about 2.45pm the following day to find Mangar raping her.

The woman managed to scream which alerted a passer-by who chased him off.

The witness then spotted predator Mangar four days later when he returned to the scene and called police, who arrived within 10 minutes. His DNA was found in a condom discarded in the Hillingdon park.


During the trial at Isleworth Crown Court, the jury heard police seized Mangar’s phone which contained a photo of the victim lying exposed and in an unconscious state.

Detective Sergeant Julian Crabb, of the Met’s safeguarding team who investigated the case, said the selfie Mangar took was “cold-hearted”.

“It really is heartless,” he added: “He treated her as less than human, like something to be disregarded. He hasn’t shown a jot of remorse.”

Mangar, of Bourne Avenue, Hillingdon was found guilty of rape and sexual assault in March.

On Friday, a judge awarded the witness £750 to recognise his “courage, intelligence, sensitivity and a strong sense of civic duty” amid “outrageous and false” claims made against him in court by Mangar.

In an impact statement, the victim said: “Since the attack my life hasn’t been the same. I am having severe sleeping problems.

“I feel disgusted in myself for what happened. I’m not sure whether I will ever get over it. My trust in people has been affected, as has personal relationships.

“I am so pleased the trial is over and he has been found guilty. The sentencing is the final piece I had to get through before I could truly try and move forward.”

DS Crabb admitted it was possible Mangar had committed other offences.

He said: “Mangar is a danger to society… a monster, raping this woman in broad daylight on a sunny afternoon in Hayes, which is a relatively safe area. If he could do that, what else is he capable of doing at night?

“I would implore any survivors to come forward.

“Unfortunately, there are people like Mangar hanging around and it is our job to make women and girls feel safe on the streets of London.”

Anyone who has suffered sexual assault and rape can contact police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Specially trained officers will listen and investigate where needed, a spokesman said.

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