Rapper Lil Pump bitten by a snake on set of music video in new footage: ‘I hope I don’t die’

Ellie Harrison
Instagram screenshot

Rapper Lil Pump was bitten by a snake on the set of his new music video, in an incident caught on camera.

The artist shared a video from the shoot on his Instagram, which shows a handler passing him the reptile as he sits on a white staircase in a leopard print coat and laden with jewellery.

Within a matter of seconds, the snake attacks Lil Pump, causing the rapper scream and throw the animal onto the ground, falling off the stairs as he does so.

Other people on the set can be heard shrieking before Lil Pump walks up to the camera and says: “Look at my hand!”

The Kanye West collaborator tells the camera “I just got bit by snake!” and brandishes his bloody hand.

“I CAN’T F*** W NO SNAKES,” he wrote on Instagram, adding: “I HOPE I DON’T DIE.”

Justin Bieber commented on the video with: “Bro can’t f*** with snakes.”