Rapper Tory Lanez hands out water and food to those in need during the ongoing Texas power crisis

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In response to the ongoing Texas power crisis, rapper Tory Lanez has headed to San Antonio, to hand out food and water to those in need. 

Lanez, 28, also known as Daystar Peterson, says that he came to San Antonio specifically because Dallas and Houston were getting more attention.

In a video, taken on the night of March 11,  Lanez can be heard saying that San Antonio is where he sold out his first show, and that the city holds a special place in his heart.

San Antonio is just the latest stop on the hip hop star's tour of Louisiana and Texas, during which he's been giving away bottles of his newly-launched water brand Umbrella Water. 

"A lot of people are still struggling with water issues and their lights and stuff," said D'ante Speed, 24, a photographer who shot the event.

"There's a guy named Lil' Jay who used to be Logic's personal assistant. 

"He's the one who connected Tory Lanez with the community. 

"He's always doing what he can to help out the city." 

Speed, like most of the San Antonians in attendance, was both excited and surprised to see the Grammy-nominated artist show up.  

"[Lanez] came down and talked to the people.

"He took some time to show love to San Antonio. 

"People don't usually come out here to do stuff like that. 

"This wasn't even in a location where someone might bring out a celebrity. 

"He gave out food and water at a food truck called El Remedio. 

"There were at least a couple hundred people there."

According to Speed, there were all kinds of San Antonians there, all of whom desperately needed the aid Lanez was providing.