Rare 50p coin from 2012 Olympics could fetch £2k – but it's not easy to find

Man holding pound coins and notes in five, ten, twenty and fifty denominations, in both hands.
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Rare coins could fetch a significant sum if you stumble upon the right one.

Some are valued in the hundreds, while others might be worth thousands. The Kew Gardens 50p coin is particularly sought after due to its low mintage of just 210,000.

But now the latest coin causing a buzz has a substantial number in circulation, yet remains exceedingly rare, as noted by TikTok user @coincollectingwizard.

In a recent video, they showcased the Aquatics coin from the 2011 London 2012 Olympics collection. This specific coin features distinctive lines across the swimmers face, setting it apart.

Finding this unique variant could net you around £2,000 if sold. The TikTok user remarked: "There were many of the pieces released in 2011, but this edition with the lines make it a rare coin to find. Not many have been found."

The post quickly attracted attention, amassing numerous likes and comments, since it was shared this week. One viewer commented from Kenya, saying: "I have exactly like this one but in Kenya."

Others shared their own finds, with one noting: "Got one." Another added: "I've got one but not the rare one like the hen's teeth, not many around."

It's always worth checking your coin collection as you never know what's hiding in your possession. Certain pieces can be worth £250 if you decide to sell.

The Kew Gardens 50p coin is a great example of that as its low mintage makes it highly desirable among coin collectors. With just 210,000 of these in circulation, it can be incredibly hard locating one of these.

You can check for certain clues to know if it's a genuine Kew Gardens 50p piece. A real one will have a Queen's head with a neck that ends up pointing at the "P" in "Pence".