Rare 50p coin could be worth £25k as expert shares how to find one

50p coins
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A coin expert has shared how to spot a 50p which could be worth a whopping £25,000. TikTok user 'CoinCollectingWizard' said that the Brexit coin from 2020 has a mintage of over 5 million.

In a video shared to his 139,000 followers, he explained what you need to look out for if you wish to spot one of the rare coins for yourself. "So why on Earth would it be worth £25,000 you ask?" he asked.

"Well it wouldn't, sometimes this common 50p you likely had in your change pops up on places with extortion price tags. But this is why you really need to do your own research as anyone can put those ridiculous price tags up and I promise you this 50p is just worth 50p."

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It is extremely difficult to find the correct 50p which could be worth £25,000, The Mirror reports. CoinCollectingWizard said: "There is however, a very rare version of the coin where the date doesn't say the 31st January 2020.

"But this is very unlikely to ever be found so don't fall for these crazy prices." Hundreds of people have since liked the video with dozens of fans taking to the comments.

One person said: "Awesome video bro, love the coins!" Others claimed to have found the coins for themselves.

A user wrote: "Have both." While a second admitted: "I have this one!" The Brexit coin was created to mark the UK's withdrawn from the European Union. Over 10 million were minted with the date of October 31 2019, which was the day planned for official withdrawal.

But minting was paused when the leaving date was delayed and those coins were recycled. In January 2020, a new series of 'Brexit' 50p coins were released to mark the actual withdrawal date of the UK from the EU with the triggering of Article 50 on January 31.