Rare 50p coin with 'minting error' could be worth a fortune - here's what to look for

A stack of fifty pence coins on a white background.
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If you have spare change lying around, it's time to rummage through it as you might be sitting on a small fortune.

Certain coins can fetch a pretty penny, particularly if they're sold at auction or listed on eBay. The Kew Gardens 50p is renowned for being highly sought after, but now there's a new contender in the coin collecting world that's worth keeping an eye out for.

Coins with minting mistakes can often go unnoticed, but one TikTok user has taken it upon themselves to enlighten millions of Brits about these potentially valuable errors. The user, known as @CoinCollectingWizard, recently highlighted the Benjamin Bunny 50p coin, issued in 2017 as part of the Beatrix Potter series.

This coin, with around 25 million in circulation, bears the image of the late Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side. In a recent video, the TikTokker pointed out that a rotation error on the Benjamin Bunny 50p could significantly increase its value, reports the Mirror.

The user explained: "Did you know if your Benjamin Bunny 50p has a rotation error then it could be worth a lot more money? This 50p error coin is rare all because the design is facing the wrong way. The error has left the Queen's head in the wrong direction on the obverse. This will have happened in the minting process."

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They added: "When you flip it around, the Queen should be facing up, the same way as Benjamin Bunny. If the Queen is facing any other way, then you have found a very rare rotation error worth money."

The TikTok aficionado shared: "Error coins are still legal tender as long as the original coin is in circulation. That means you can easily come across one in your change. Often error coins can sell for a lot more than their face value so this is definitely something you need to be looking for because it can be easily missed."

Since the clip hit the platform earlier this week, it has racked up hundreds of likes and numerous comments. One user commented: "Still looking, no joy yet."

Meanwhile, several others tagged mates who might possess a variant of the design.

Although millions of these coins are out there, collectors should keep an eye out for a version with lines obscuring the swimmer's face.

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