Rare Albino barking deer named 'Snow' born at zoo in Thailand

This adorable albino barking deer was unveiled this week after being born at a zoo in southern Thailand.

The rare calf, named Snow, was born to its albino mother Kaimook and common barking albino in Songkhla province.

The 10-day-old white deer was shown off to visitors on Monday (December 12) morning.

Zoo director Chalermwut Kasetsomboon praised staff for nurturing baby's mother to allow her to have offspring.

He said: "The calf's mother was nurtured very carefully before she was ready for breeding.

"It was amazing that her baby also came out as an albino, making him the fourth generation of albino barking deer in the family.''

The barking deer is listed as a preserved wild species in Thailand, while the albino version is ever more scarce.