Rare Albino Deer and Friends Enjoy a Snack in South Carolina Suburb

A rare albino deer has gained a bit of a fan club in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – including a husband and wife who set out corn and other food to lure the unusual creature out into the open.

This video, captured on March 8 by Daniel Christopher Drummond, shows the white doe eating with a herd of brown deer in Drummond’s front yard and driveway. “The herd is very protective of her and surrounds her when she eats,” he said.

About 15 deer pass through Drummond’s front yard almost every night, he said. Both Drummond and his wife, Paulann Perry, regularly leave corn and apple slices out for the deer. They call the white doe Bianca, he told Storyful.

Drummond also said, “The albino does not come out when it’s sunny outside. She hides in the woods behind our house.”

Albinism in deer is rare and affects one in 30,000 of the animals, according to wildlife experts. Credit: Daniel Christopher Drummond via Storyful