Rare bird oddly found inside airport in Indonesia

A Sulawesi Julang bird was found in a waiting room at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar City, Indonesia. This protected species lives in the mountains and is very rare to spot outside its natural habitat. The bird caught the attention of visitors in the waiting room on the airport's second floor. Airport officials believe the bird entered through the roof of the room which is currently being repaired. "Officers reported that the Julang bird was first found walking on the floor in a weak condition", said Wahyudi, General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I, Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin Airport. "It is unlikely that the Julang bird was smuggled. It is a very big bird and easy to detect," Wahyudi explained. The airport staff notified the South Sulawesi Natural Resources and Conservation Center (BKSDA) about the bird's presence. The bird was collected by the team. The Head of the South Sulawesi BKSDA, Jusman, said: "We are checking the health of this rare female bird".