Rare Flawless Purple-Pink Diamond Weighing Nearly 16 Carats Could Sell For $38 Million At Auction

This rare purple-pink diamond is heading to auction next week, and experts estimate it could fetch up to $38 million. the sizable stone, known as The Sakura, takes its name from the Japanese word for cherry blossom on account of its comparable hue. It's the largest purple-pink "flawless" diamond ever to appear at auction. The rare stone is set on a simple platinum ring and has been classified as internally flawless, meaning that any blemishes are only visible under close magnification. It has also been classed as being "fancy vivid", a measure of intense colour achieved by only 4% of pink diamonds. Fewer than 10 percent of pink diamonds weigh more than one-fifth of carat. The Sakura's is nearly 80 times that, at an unprecedented15.81 carats. The auction will be held in Hong Kong on May 23 by British auction house Christie's.

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