Rare PINK PIGEON spotted in Nelson, England

A mum said she was “shocked” when she looked out of the window to see possibly one of the UK’s rarest birds – a bright pink pigeon.

Kelly Lunney, 37, was at her mother’s flat in Nelson, Lancs, last Thursday (5) when she happened to notice the fluorescent fowl land in the communal garden.

The bird was part of a flock that had come down to peck at the soil, and when Kelly noticed it, she was left in a state of bewilderment.

Fearing that she was “seeing things”, Kelly then roused her mum and asked her to confirm if what she had spotted was accurate.

And after she corroborated the sighting, Kelly took her phone out and began to capture footage of the incredible bird in flight.

Sightings of pink pigeons are rare in the UK, although the birds have been found in 2012 in London and in Bristol in 2015.

Bird experts have several theories about the unnatural looking warblers, including that they're part of an endangered species called nesoenas mayeri, native to Mauritius.

Others have claimed that the birds have consumed certain chemical substances or could have collided with a fluorescence liquid in the wild.

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