Rare Vulture Chick Hatches at Atlanta Zoo

An endangered lappet-faced vulture chick hatched at Zoo Atlanta in Georgia on April 24, the first born in the zoo’s history.

Footage shared by the zoo with Storyful on June 3 shows the hatchling, who was born to parents Amana and Anubis after more than 10 years of breeding attempts, according to a press release.

“The birth of an endangered species is always an occasion for celebration, but this hatching represents a particular success for Zoo Atlanta,” the press release quoted Jennifer Mickelberg, Vice President of Collections and Conservation. “We are always thrilled to see first-time animal parents succeed. This is also a testament to the enormous commitment of our Bird Team, who have worked over a period of many years to provide opportunities and innovations to help this pair flourish.”

The lappet-faced vulture, native to Africa and the Arabian peninsula, is considered endangered due to frequent poisoning by poachers and collisions with human-made structures, the zoo said. Credit: Zoo Atlanta via Storyful

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