Rare warbler sends bird-watchers in a flap

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Story and video from SWNS

Birdwatchers were all of a flutter this week following the sighting of a rare visitor to these shores.

A Blyth's Reed Warbler - a migratory bird normally found in Asia and eastern Europe - was spotted at a nature reserve in the Humber Estuary.

Photographer Calvin Taylor Lee was able to get these stunning shots of the bird at the Far Ing national nature reserve in the early morning.The bird was resting on a branch of hawthorn bush.

He said: "I managed to get a few shots at around 6.30am."There were lots of people who came to see it, before it flew away.

"The bird, which feeds on insects, breeds in northern Asia, northern Africa and normally migrates to Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka rarely visiting western Europe."

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