Rare White Turtle Hatchling Crawls to the Ocean on South Carolina Beach

A sea turtle conservation group in Folly Beach, South Carolina, documented a rare white turtle hatchling making its way to the ocean on September 10.

Folly Beach Turtle Watch Program posted footage of two loggerhead turtle hatchlings “scampering” to the ocean, but noted that they looked rather different from one another. They said the lighter turtle may be leucistic, since loggerhead turtles are usually dark brown or gray.

Leucism, a genetic defect that causes lighter pigmentation, may make it difficult for animals to survive, since it makes them much more visible to predators.

The city of Folly Beach said that the sea turtle nesting season is from May 1 to October 31. The city urged visitors “lights out on the beach!” as the turtles can be disoriented by artificial light. Credit: Folly Beach Turtle Watch Program via Storyful

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