Rarely-Seen Elephant Seal Caught Snoozing Off California Coast

Whale watchers caught a rare sighting of a northern elephant seal napping on the ocean’s surface near Dana Point, California, earlier this year.

This video from boat tour agency Capt. Dave’s Whale Watching, taken in August, shows the elephant seal bobbing in the water close to their boat.

“They’re normally very shy, very skittish. We think this one’s asleep,” a guide is heard telling passengers.

Capt Dave’s Whale Watching posted the video on YouTube, where they wrote: “While in the open ocean, northern elephant seals spend about 90 percent of their time under the water, mostly diving for food. So they’re rarely glimpsed at the surface, and when they are, the seals are usually boat-shy.” Credit: Capt. Dave’s Whale Watching via Storyful

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