Rats chew up cash worth £13,000 in an Indian ATM

Alexandra Richards
AFP/Getty Images

Technicians fixing an ATM machine in India were left shocked when they discovered that thousands of pounds worth of cash had been eaten by rats.

The pile of shredded cash was discovered when technicians were asked to fix the broken cash machine by the State Bank of India.

Upon opening the ATM located in Assam's Tinsukia district, they discovered £13,000 (Rs 12 lakh) had been destroyed.

According to the Indian Express, bank officials claimed that the notes were eaten by rats.

The ATM had been lying vacant since May 20 and was only checked for repairs on June 11.

Global Business Solutions, the company that runs the ATM allegedly filled the ATMN with £32,340 (Rs 29 Lakh) on May 19.

SBI were able to retrieve £18,958 (Rs 17 lakh) from the compromised ATM, a bank official told a local news channel on Monday morning.

However, many people have expressed doubts over what happened to the money inside the cash machine.

The government lender has lodged an FIR with Tinsukia police to probe the incident.