Ravens really want you to know they're not mad at Lamar Jackson for making a mistake

On Sunday, Lamar Jackson did the unthinkable.

He turned the ball over.

Early in the third quarter of Baltimore’s showdown with the San Francisco 49ers, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback and NFL MVP favorite broke off one of his trademark runs for 14 yards on third-and-1.

Jackson made a mistake

But instead of completing the first-down run, Jackson got stripped by 49ers safety Marcell Harris, who reached in and took the ball from Jackson as he tackled him.

It was a potentially pivotal moment in a critical game. But Jackson eventually led the Ravens on a clock-killing 6:28 drive to set up a game-winning Justin Tucker field goal as time ran off. The Ravens improved to 10-2, which was good enough for first place in the AFC when the New England Patriots lost on Sunday night.

Ravens not mad

On Tuesday, the Ravens wanted to make sure that you and everybody else knows that they’re not mad at Jackson for his error. And neither are his teammates.

Shockingly, the Ravens didn't ostracize Lamar Jackson for his fumble against the 49ers. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The Ravens released a video of the aftermath of the fumble on the sideline. Did his teammates excoriate and ostracize him for his miscue that gave the ball to the 49ers as the Ravens approached the red zone?

Well. Of course they didn’t.

As would be expected, Jackson took the blame for his mistake. And his teammates had his back.

And now we know that the Ravens social media team also has Jackson’s back.

While these reactions to Jackson’s fumble seem obvious and functional, it certainly beats the alternative. There are plenty of NFL teams mired in dysfunction, especially at this point late in the season when hope for success is long lost.

As the Ravens march on as Super Bowl favorites, it’s perfectly understandable that they’d like to relish every moment.

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