Rays pitching coach Kyle Snyder explains what happened to Drew Rasmussen | The Bandwagon

Yahoo Sports MLB writers Hannah Keyser was joined by Tampa Bay Rays pitching coach Kyle Snyder to discuss what his job entails, and explain what happened to Rays star pitcher Drew Rasmussen before he was placed on the 60-day injury list.

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Video transcript


HANNAH KEYSER: Tell me about the Drew Rasmussen day. When he came out of that game-- because he had pitched incredibly. So it sort of seemed like, OK, well, great start for Drew. Maybe you could have sent him back out there. Maybe there was a pitch count thing. And then did he say something when he first came out of the game? How did those sort of next 24 hours play out?

KYLE SNYDER: So it was the seventh inning. Kevin and I were talking about it. The pitch count was low. We felt pretty good about where he had been, and we were going to let him go, at least for another inning to complete eight. Whether or not nine was on the table really probably would have depended on where the total pitch number might have been.

But the last six pitches of the seventh inning were dramatically different for me. And Yankee Stadium, same thing, has break values on the board. And it also has velocity on the board. I noticed the last six pitches to be about 5 to 6 miles an hour off on his sweeping breaking ball, on his cutter. And he didn't throw another fastball after the fastball he threw to Gleyber Torres.

And I asked him proactively, how do you feel? And he admitted that his elbow felt a little nervy. That's what he told me. And that was tough. That was tough. And at that point, we had to pivot, obviously, and get somebody ready for the eighth inning. But that was out of nowhere. There were no signs leading up to those last five pitches of that seventh inning. And then when the signs showed up, it was important for me to ask the question.