Read the full incident report from Lauren Boebert's infamous night at the theater

  • Rep. Lauren Boebert was kicked out of a theater on September 10.

  • An incident report details what went down between Boebert and officials that night.

  • Video of the incident later confirmed the details of the report.

It's been a wild week for Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Police and security booted the Republican congresswoman and her date from a packed Buell theater on September 10 during a performance of "Beetlejuice" in Denver. The fiasco was detailed in an incident report first obtained by the Denver Post.

The report, written by an unnamed security guard, describes how officials finally got the representative out of the theater after being accused of "vaping, singing, causing a disturbance." Boebert denied many of the allegations that were made against her.

Read the entire incident report here:

Although Boebert and her theater date are not named in the report, the congresswoman later identified herself on X.

The allegations in the report were later confirmed by a video obtained and released by 9News. The video also revealed questionable behavior not found in the report, including clips of the representative appearing to be groped in the theater.

Officials announced Tuesday that Boebert would not be charged for violating Colorado law over her actions.

"While Congresswoman Boebert's conduct in the theater was clearly inappropriate and disrespectful, we concluded that it does not warrant a criminal prosecution," a spokesperson with the Denver District Attorney's Office told The New York Post.

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