The Reader: Covid vaccine passports are a wise way of keeping us safe

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A phial of the Moderna vaccine (PA Wire)
A phial of the Moderna vaccine (PA Wire)

I concur with your leading article on Tuesday. Like you, I support “Covid vaccine passports” in places such as pubs and theatres. It appears to be a wise way of keeping people safe from those who have not been vaccinated. Let’s think, for a change, about the rights and liberties of those who want to avoid catching coronavirus.

I haven’t the foggiest why some otherwise moderate MPs are allying themselves with Tory backbenchers to oppose such a sensible proposition. Covid-19 has killed three million in a year, despite measures to limit its spread. This country would do well to treat Covid with the seriousness it warrants.

Why is helping prevent Covid infection so controversial? Do these people not know how deadly this disease is?

Sebastian Monblat

Editor’s reply

Dear Sebastian

Many such people think our response to coronavirus has been over the top. And they fear vaccine passports could be unworkable and illiberal. But this is a frightening illness that caused death in this country on a huge scale. Once everyone has been offered a vaccine — and provision made for those unable to take it — I am confident the sight of the “old normal” returning will convince many doubters such documents are the lesser evil.

Robbie Smith, Columnist

We have a duty to care for all

In response to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s article on Tuesday, the Bible commands us to love our neighbours but it also talks about loving the stranger a total of 36 times. This reminds us of our obligation to care for those in need, “the orphan, widow and the child” all over the world. Compassion for those in poverty and destitution is advocated by all the major faiths. They encourage not only empathy but also action to mend inequalities.

Zaki Cooper

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