The Reader: United voices in defence of Hong Kong

Anti-government demonstrators scuffle with riot police during a lunch time protest in Hong Kong, China, on May 27, 2020: REUTERS

More than 450 of the most prominent voices in foreign policy from 32 countries have co-signed a letter decrying China’s flagrant breach of human rights and the Sino-British Joint Declaration in Hong Kong. When was the last time Jack Straw, Liam Fox, Rory Stewart, David Miliband, Natalie Bennett, Archbishop Rowan Williams, Guy Verhofstadt, John Bercow, the SNP and the Lib Dems endorsed the same statement?

What is happening in Hong Kong has the potential to change geopolitics permanently. Britain cannot ignore this. China’s blatant violation of the Joint Declaration is a humiliating slap in the face.The Government should consider offering a lifeline to Hong Kongers, particularly those who have British National (Overseas) passports. The media should give current events in Hong Kong the attention they deserve.
Johnny Patterson, Director, Hong Kong Watch

Editor's reply

Dear Johnny

The repressive changes in the new security law that Beijing is imposing on Hong Kong are deeply troubling and you’re right that they mustn’t be overlooked. The same applies to the unsavoury legislation being introduced to punish those who show disrespect towards China’s national anthem.

A robust response is required, using economic and diplomatic levers, to persuade China to recognise that destroying Hong Kong’s special status is not just wrong but damaging to Beijing’s interests and to a constructive relationship with the West.
Martin Bentham, Home Affairs Editor

Stylish Sturgeon

I can’t help noticing (meaning no disrespect) that while Boris Johnson’s hair is unkempt as usual, Nicola Sturgeon’s is not. She is always very well groomed. And she wears something different for every appearance while Boris has obviously not been abusing his expense account. So, how does Ms Sturgeon manage to stay so stylish during lockdown?
Kenneth Brannan