Readers react to Mark Jenkinson Twitter transgender comments

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MP: Mark Jenkinson for Workington.
MP: Mark Jenkinson for Workington.

THIS week readers were of mixed opinions following Workington's MP Mark Jenkinson airing his views on transgender rights on Twitter.

Responding to a tweet by Labour MP Luke Pollard regarding people of non-binary having their rights respected, Mr Jenkinson wrote: "Trans men are not men, they’re trans men; Trans women are not women, they’re trans women; and being non-binary is a nonsense, you don’t get to opt out of nature.

"It’s not a debate, you’re right - we are not being kind by perpetuating this madness," he wrote.

Writer for The Guardian and Vice, Karen Geier responded with:

"Trans people exist, and deserve support. Those are facts. Trans rights are human rights. Also a fact."

Some people have defended the politician for sharing his thoughts, however.

Jackie Doyle-Price, a Conservative MP for Thurrock, defended the MP's comments: "This is fact. Biology is immutable. However you choose to identify biological sex remains the same. The law and politics should stop pretending otherwise."

Our readers whilst largely disagreeing with his comments, some raised the point that he should be allowed to air his opinion.

Jason Brewer said on social media: "What's more worrying, someone having an opinion you don't agree with or someone not being allowed to have an opinion at the moment, we're in the latter situation, far more troubling than whether he's actually right or wrong."

Davidlinda Storey said: "I didn't realise people were not allowed their own opinion."

John Hastings disagreed with the MP's comments: "When a Member of Parliament is elected they are meant to help all constituents who ask for help - irrespective of who they are.

"Sadly it's an open secret in Westminster that at least several Conservative MPs refuse to help constituents who are LGBT or Black/Asian," he said.

A man from Silloth wrote: "Instead of picking these pointless fights and prattling on about Johnson and cake Jenkinson should be doing something constructive to help his constituents.

"Deflecting from the real issues like the Conservative Cost of Living crisis will not help the people in this part of Cumbria," he said.

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