Ready to Mingle viewers have one big question about the new ITV reality show

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Photo credit: Ricky Darko - ITV
Photo credit: Ricky Darko - ITV

The Katherine Ryan-fronted Ready to Mingle is the new reality TV dating show to fill the Love Island-shaped hole that's been left since it wrapped last month.

The idea for this series is that a single girl looking for love (Sophia) gets introduced to 12 single guys and they move into a big house to get to know each other. Sound familiar?

However, the big twist is that some of the boys aren't actually single and she's got to work out who's lying, while ideally falling in love with one of the singletons along the way.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Some of the boys will be guided by their real-life partners into crafting the perfect lie, and if Sophia picks that particular boy, he gets to split the prize money with his partner and she'll end up with nothing.

Now, viewers have immediately spotted something about this concept that just doesn't sit right with them: just who would let their partner go on a dating show like this?

Not only that, but people were a bit concerned that one of the guys who already had a girlfriend might find themselves falling in love with Sophia and then have to watch it all play out on the telly.

Photo credit: Ricky Darko - ITV
Photo credit: Ricky Darko - ITV

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One person wrote on Twitter: "What if your bf falls in love with the girl? What do you do then? #readytomingle."

Another wrote: "What kind of girlfriend would let their man go on a show like this is £25,000 really worth watching your man technically cheat on you #readytomingle."

A third viewer added: "The biggest plot twist would be if some one who is taken falls in love with her for real. #readytomingle."

Speaking about the new show, host Ryan recently said: "I am so excited to be a part of this new dating game show. How could I say no? It's like nothing we've seen before but still with all the drama and dating dilemmas we love to see, and I'll be there front row as it all unfolds!"

Ready to Mingle airs on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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